Friday, November 28, 2008

Jordan Girls Like Mike and Show and Tell It!

With the NBA underway, one can’t help but think of one of the shining stars that streaked across the NBA celestial skies like a shooting star but with a very very long hang time. Don’t have to mention his name. Ya’ll know…Chicago’s MJ.

It seems Chicago has been the platform for greats beyond Barack Obama! Oprah anyone? Let’s go back, way back to Abe Lincoln. Is there something in the Illinois water? Well, we’re talking about MJ, right now. Could he be working some MoJo?

Years after his Bull’s retirement, baseball, the NBA comeback, and team ownership, Jordan’s stellar light still shines and every year he attracts four constant stargazers, who have gained the named “The Jordan Girls” at the annual Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament.

Jordan and "Jordan Girls" 2007
Freda,Jamese,Donna and Beverly

Jordan and "Jordan Girls" 2008
Freda,Jamese,Jordan,Beverly and Donna

Freda and her daughter Jamese, Beverly and Donna get together in their “Jordan Aire” ware and hit to links to admire Michael Jordan. It’s a family and friendship affair that spans states. Beverly, Freda and Jamese still live in the Bay Area. Donna moved to Arizona over three years ago, but that hasn’t kept the foursome from gathering together at the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament every July to create some new “Did you see that Michael Jordan” memories. “It’s all in fun, we hardly get a chance to speak to him and whether we do or not that’s all right. We just want him to know that we are supporting him,” said Beverly.

“At first my mother had to drag me along, but then I started enjoying it,” said Jamese. “I not only get to see one of the greatest athletes in the world among many great athletes and entertainment celebrities, I have also made great friends my age. We text each other and email and plan to see each other each year,” she added.

Why would someone travel across state lines for a Jordan moment? “It’s my friends. Sometimes we catch Jordan’s eye and he’ll give a holla as he walks the links and that’s good, but most of all it’s the camaraderie,” said Donna. “Tahoe is beautiful in and of itself and I have beautiful friends; can’t beat that!”

The major coup for Beverly during the past “Jordan watching” stint was not only scoring a photo with the girls and Jordan for the second consecutive year, but also getting his signature on a pair of baby Aire Jordan’s for her grandbaby! “I love Michael Jordan and have followed him since he played ball in North Carolina and I want my grandbaby to know that I respect excellence and he can be excellent too!”

“It’s all about fun getting together,” said Freda. “Jaimese was about 7 when we started our annual trek and now she’s a teenager enjoying time with her mom and her mom’s friends and she’s making her own friends.”

The four are dedicated to not only getting together but also being fashionably coordinated in the latest “Jordan Aires” and casual ware. Beverly was the only one without the latest shoes that everyone was to wear the second day of the tournament, so she drove over 100 miles the night before from Lake Tahoe to Sacramento to pick up her shoes so she’d be in synchronistic step with the her fellow “Jordan Girls.”

Jordan’s excellence in the NBA continues to spawn good things as the “Jordan Girls” smile at sing out “Hi Michael” on the links of the Celebrity Golf Tournament. One of the foremost good things is good commerce as the “Jordan Girls” dawn each day of the tournament dressed head to toe as models for Jordan’s casual ware.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of Michael Jordan, “the Jordan Girls,” and other celebrities including Jerry Rice, Tony Romo, Ray Romono, Rick Rhoden (2008 winner), Emmitt Smith, Charles Barkley, Chris Chandler (2007 winner), Wayne Gretsky, Janet Gretsky, Jason Kidd, Dennis Haysbert, Kevin Nealon and more, get your sharpie ready for the autographs at the 2009 Lake Tahoe Celebrity Golf Tournament at

Video andPhotographs(except Jordan Girls 2007) by Jackie Wright of LaHitz Media and Wright Enterprises.

Special Thanks to Weidinger Public Relations
and Lake Tahoe's "Best Kept Secret," The Horizon Casino Resort.